Fairy Lane makes stunning small-batch, handcrafted Body & Bath products which you will love.

In addition, we also make the well renowned, versatile Boer Soap which is also known as Farmers Soap or Ranch Soap.  

Before we tell you about our delightful products, I would like to introduce you to our business.


There had to be a Better Way!

We are a small business which came about as a result of my quest to find that Better Way.

The more I researched, the more I became totally disillusioned with the big manufacturers who have become ridiculously expensive, and their use of so many chemicals in the products which we were buying.

It was clear to see that as the general consumer we really had no idea what we were eating, using in our homes and on our bodies.

With the pandemic in full swing, lockdowns and prices soaring out of control it has forced us to take a good hard look at what we buy and if there is a better way.

When I started doing research, I decided that there are so many unnecessary chemicals forced onto us as consumers and quite frankly we could do without it.

There were some basic small steps I could take to improve our situation.  I started taking baby steps such as using vinegar instead of fabric softener, baking bread on a weekly basis, planting a small veggie patch and creating my own body and bath products.

I was astounded at the impact it had not only on our wellbeing but also on our budget.

With that said, Fairy Lane was born.


We are not perfect or eco fanatics, but we do try to be eco-friendly.

Every purchase we make is carefully considered and we are very conscious of our consumption.

At Fairy Lane we love to use as many natural ingredients and colorants as possible whilst adhering to good manufacturing practices to bring you delightful and safe products.

We do use plastic containers however we source them locally thereby keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible and it allows us to still bring you a reasonably priced product in a recyclable and reusable container. Sometimes kraft paper packaging is just not practical!

As a small business ourselves, we do all our sourcing from local small businesses where possible because I believe small business and community support is the way of the future!

Fairy Lane has just gone solar!  Yay to you, us and the environment. 

We look forward to meeting you!