Why Fairy Lane?

Fairy Lane Body Butter Heel Balm SoapWe all love a bit of the magical and fantastical in our lives. In fact, we need it!

At Fairy Lane wanted to create a wonderful world of all things pamper and self-care for you, our friends. After all, if we don't take care of ourselves, it becomes impossible to take care of others.

So, the story started.  We went all out to do our research which took many months, and we were taken on a journey full of twists and turns and this is how our story unfolded...

We were lead deep, deep into the forest which was a wonderland that has never been seen before.  We discovered a delightful colony of fairies.  Big ones, little ones, tall ones, short ones. Irrespective of their size they were all beautiful from the inside and outside. They were all joyful and playful.

These fairies were all very happy and joyful.  I asked them how they managed to always be so happy and joyful? 

They told me they were blessed with great happiness because they were always appreciative of each other by showing love, kindness and respect to each other and the environment in which they lived.  They lived a life of service and gratitude, never taking anything for granted.

This fairy kingdom was called Fairy Lane, and yes, my friends, this is where we got our name, with the blessings of the fairies of course!

All the fairies were most welcoming to me, the human woman.  Each one was only too keen to share their love, passion, and achievements with me. 

I was completely fascinated by their incredible knowledge. They knew each plant intimately; they understood the worth of each plant and how their eco systems supported this incredibly vast and magnificent kingdom of theirs. 

Why We Chose Our Products

Whipped Body Butter

They knew exactly what to eat and why it was good for them.  Wow did they enjoy a feast of delectable berries, fruit, seeds and plant roots and leaves.

Off course the fairies enjoyed playing in the woods and down by the stream.  Yes, they got really dirty but knew the secret herbs and spices that they should use to clean with.  But that is not where they stopped, they also loved pampering themselves and each other.

They so loved these pampering sessions that they developed amazing soaps, lotions and potions to spoil themselves and their friends with. 

The Ingredients

The fairies knew exactly which plants are skin-loving and which to avoid. They all made the most amazing lotions and potions which they eagerly shared with me.

I was in total awe of them.  Their kindness and generosity knew no bounds as they shared their most treasured recipes, methods and ingredients with me.

I was given an exact education and instructions by the Fairies. 

  1. I had to use only the best ingredients, in their most natural form where possible,
  2. I had to make my lotions and potions with love and good intentions.
  3. I had to treat all the ingredients with the respect they deserve.

The Fairies also told me that if I followed their advice, I would not only enrich the skin of my customers, but I would also be feeding their souls with goodness.

We chose to make beautiful body and bath products with skin-loving ingredients which were kind to the skin whilst we try to be kind to the environment as well. (see our About Page).

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We are in the happy position where we can share all these wonderful products with you for your own pamper sessions or you may wish to share them with someone special as a gift.

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